Byaheng Timog Cebu : The Surprising Return to Cambais Falls

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Alegria is home to numerous stunning waterfalls and Cambais Falls happens to be one of those waterfall dearest to my heart. My waterfall chasing squad back in the days made it known to the social media thus making it now famous to the public. We first laid eyes on this waterfall back in the days when numerous waterfalls in Cebu debut and became an instant fad in Instagram. Everyone are out on a hunt of a waterfall they can claim they discover. Just like any fad it was short-lived but the discoveries of new tourist spots was a fruitful outcome of it.
This was the sixth stop in the tour with Travels by Omnia Bellus. Unexpectedly, this took a big chunk of our time thus sacrificing the last two destinations of the day as originally planned. The reason for this dilemma was getting lost in the rugged road of Alegria's mountainous area. We took a wrong turn to a different route in getting to Barangay Guadalupe where the waterfall is situated. This route happens to be really far from the waterfall and we've wasted almost an hour of getting lost. I receive the most complaints from my companions because I was responsible of including Cambais Falls in the itinerary. 

It has been three years since I last stepped foot in this barangay. Alas! the moment we arrive I was greeted with the most shocking scene. The photo I took three years ago and posted in my blog sit front and center next to the sign of Cambais Falls. I was proud that they thought my photo was beautiful enough to be featured in the entrance and also troubled they didn't ask any permission for them to use it. 

Honestly, I have no problem whatsoever of them using it to showcase the tourism in that area of Alegria but they could have at least made an effort to establish a communication from me. How hard can it be to send me an email? As we go on with our trek after paying the entrance fee of Php 30.00 I found another photo I took used by them. This time my companion Chasing Potatoes photo has been ripped off as well.

Thankfully, I'm proud to say they did a wonderful job in preserving the natural beauty of the waterfall. There's not a lot of aggressive changes being done and they have kept the area free from trash as well. I hope such magnificence will be maintained for the upcoming generations to relish.

We ended the first day of our tour here and wasn't able to push through with the waterfalls in Ginatilan and sunset scene in Samboan. In the end, I'm glad I included Cambais Falls in the itinerary because the first timers are thoroughly satisfied and loved the elegant beauty of Cambais Falls. 

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Thanks to Travels by Omnia Bellus for sponsoring this trip for us travel bloggers. You may book this itinerary with them.

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