10 Reasons Why Dakak Is The Top Luxury Destination In Northern Mindanao

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Dakak Resort is a beautiful gem that is quite known to the people here but not a lot actually experienced it outside the province. The pristine white shores here made it an ideal setting for a luxurious resort and the privacy you'll get is top notch since it is surrounded by lush peaks and quite far from the city. The resort continually worked in updating the experience in recent times that it's almost unrecognizable a decade ago. This list will give you an idea of what to expect in the resort and new things they've added to improve your staying experience with them. And there's a lot that you thought you knew about Dakak Resort but actually don't.

10) The Luxurious Villas By The Cliff

The newly built villas are made with luxury in mind and they really lived up to expectation. the veranda overlooking the beach with a double jacuzzi is something that'll surely satisfy your grandiose needs. The interior with a native theme and have everything you need for a comfortable stay.

09) The Infinity Pool With Breathtaking View

The building of the villas came with an infinity pool and a submerged bar ( which is obviously inspired from Plantation Bay Resort ) for your refreshments. The placement of the swimming pool is facing one of the most gorgeous backdrop in the resort. It's also family friendly with different section for kids & adults and in fact I noticed mostly families are enjoying this swimming pool.

08) The Spa with a Serene Backdrop

When I visited, the spa haven't opened yet ( it is now official open last February 2018 ) but I got a special tour and I must say it is really something special. The imagery was taken into consideration while creating this sanctuary. The landscape can be seen here is so beautiful that it will relax your tensed life just by staring at it for a few minutes. I have an exclusive experience with their masseur when two were sent to my room and they're quite good and was surely trained well.

07) Sunday Special Buffet Sumptuous Selections

I was really lucky that it was on weekend I stayed in Dakak Resort so I was able to attend the special weekend buffet and for seafood lovers you're in for a glorious treat. Most of the menu selections are freshly caught seafood and prepared by some really amazing chef. I have never seen such a selections of exotic seafood from the infamous curacha Spanner crab, red frog crab ( crossbreed between a sea crab & spiny lobster )  to the locally caught prawns, crabs, lobsters and other assortment of seafood.

06) Fantasyland As World Class Entertainment

Fantasyland is the province answer to a theme park closely resembling Disneyland with its highly entertaining acrobat shows, fire dancers, fireworks display and their very own parade of princesses. Just like any theme park they have a wide variety of rides to choose from just don't get your expectation high on these rides and you will surely enjoy it. I've tried the Horror House where they're boasting to be the scariest in Asia but I was not scared at all. I was mildly entertained though of the never ending scream of the girls.

05) The Larger Than Life Dakak Golf Club

When the CEO after our meeting said it's an entirely different world out there referring to the Golf Club and she couldn't be more right. Dakak Golf Club is way bigger than the beach resort and offers a lot more activities. It has a lot more scenic spots, man-made waterfall, scenic mountain view, seaside cafe and the massive 9 ball golf course that is beloved by the celebrities. 

It would take a day to explore and try out every activities here. This was specifically made to target the luxurious entertainment needs of the rich and famous. Cesar Montano ( local celebrity ) loves to hangout here and even compared it to the world class golf course he visited. 

04) Private Tour with Serpentina 

If you adore luxurious yacht ride the you are in for a special treat because you can arrange a special ride to sail the gulf of Dapitan and all other small islets in the area. This is perfect for couple seeking private moments in the sea. 

03) The Activities For Adventure Seekers

Dakak Resort offers an assortment of activities within the resort's ground. They have a 5 km zipline from the mountain to the ground, horse back riding, ATV rides and water sports like jetskis & banana rides.

02) Aliguay Island and The Marine Sanctuary

For your tropical island needs Aliguay will surely scratch that itch for cerulean sky, pristine beaches and lush coral gardens. The island is not a property of the resort but anyone staying in Dakak Resort can arrange a day tour here to enjoy the island.

01) The Calm Water and Serene Beach of Dakak Resort

The resort found fame for their pristine white beach cove and that's why this is the best reason why anyone should visit Dakak Resort. The cove shape of the beach made the water a lot calmer that it almost feel like a lake with almost no wave coming into the shore. This is also one of the few inland white shores that can be found in this part of Mindanao and that's what made it appealing to the public because of its rarity factor. Since this area is a marine sanctuary expect to find some sea turtles and a lot of marine life who strays near the shore. Just don't try to disturb them though. Finally, the sunset here is gorgeous and the best that I've seen in this province.

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